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Welcome to Ashby Willesley Community Primary School

A Welcome from the Headteacher

"The quality of teaching is good and sometimes outstanding...Teachers expectations are high and they set challenging targets that the majority of pupils know and understand" Ofsted Feb 2012

The school is looking towards a bright and exciting future following our recent visit by Ofsted. The staff and all members of the community are looking forward to building on the successes in the Ofsted report and have every confidence that we can further develop and improve our already happy and vibrant school. We have so much to celebrate at our school and we are all keen to make further improvements to make our school the very best that it can be over the next few years

"parents and carers explained to us that the school keeps you (pupils) safe and that it is a harmonious place" Ofsted Feb 2012

Our priorities at the moment are:

  • Improving our assessment systems.
  • Developing the outdoor learning/play facilities.
  • Creating new learning opportunities.
  • Continuing to develop our innovative curriculum
  • Improving learning to include: independence, maths acrooss the curriculum and the use of ICT

"The school's innovative curriculum provides well organised, imaginative and effective opportunities for learning" Ofsted Feb 2012

On a personal note it has always been my intention to ensure that every child is happy and enjoys school life to the full whilst reaching their academic potential. I want every child to leave us at the end of Year 6 with the personal life skills that will give them a sound foundation for their future ahead and to be able to reflect on their primary education with fondness and pride.

"Staff have established strong and caring relationships with their pupils" Ofsted Feb 2012

It is also my intention to ensure that staff are happy and enjoy their roles and are given opportunities to further their own professional skills, particularly in leadership across the school.

Every Child does Matter to me as does Every Adult.

Please take the time to look around this website - and let us know if there's something you think should be on here.

Matthew Brookes


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